Re: RARA-AVIS: Changing standards for masculinity (behavioral, not just muscle)

Date: 28 Mar 2008

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> > That is a very good novel, an example of perfect
> > timing. And the great
> > Fred Zinemann made a fine film version of it. I saw
> > it again recently
> > (thanks, Turner) and it impressed me.
> *************************
> I, too, saw it again on Turner and was disappointed
> with the film. I thought the production value was
> pretty poor and the casting completely inadequate. I
> thought Ed Fox, often a very creative actor, was
> completely miscast as the Jackal. It was remade a
> couple of years ago as THE JACK EL with Richard Gere.
> I haven't seen that yet but its reviews were pretty
> poor. Its hard to imagine that such a spectacular
> story wouldn't make a better movie. The story is very
> episodic between the police & the Jackal. Perhaps it
> would make a better TV serial like Dexter or The
> Sopranos.

I'll go with Mario on this one. great film that holds up today. Edward Fox is perfect in the role, with his chilling anonymity

I did see the remake and the biggest problem is casting Bruce Willis as the Jackel. would have been far better to cast an unknown, because movie stars bring their fame with them. the guy is supposed to blend in with crowds, and all you're seeing is Bruce Willis in bad disguises. the next biggest problem is the propensity when doing remakes to make them bigger. the killer's weapo n of choice in this film is flat out absurd

John Lau

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