Re: RARA-AVIS: Real guys don't worry a whole lot about if they're real guys or n

Date: 27 Mar 2008

Mario wrote:

"Unfortunately, any analysis of such roles (essentially, manufactured gender, including modern unisex) must be local."

Okay, I'll bite: Why "unfortunately"? I think it's the nonuniversal nature of it that makes it fascinating (and proves it's culturally constructed).

Bringing it back to the lit, though, some good books could probably be written about a man (or woman) from one area or age transporting his (or her) gender roles into an area with different traditions. And I'm not talking about an SF version, but hardboiled. It could be used for parody, say a '50s Mike Hammer type PI set in a more contemporary feminist friendly setting, which could lead to all sorts of PC vs. nonPC clashes. Or a straight story where a guy from one place whose behavior is an insult in another context, who never quite figures out how and why he's pissing everyone off. Have there been noir or hardboiled stories based on the idea of clashing ideals of masculinity?


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