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Date: 27 Mar 2008

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> From witnesses: for many of that generation, the war was the most fun
> thing they did, despite the factual horror of it, which people will
> readily acknowledge. It is understandable: you get a special sense of
> companionship, of fraternity, even of community. Maybe something that
> a lot of people, especially men, lack in their normal lives. I would
> not doubt the sincerity of the sentiment or belittle the sentiment
> itself. Of course, nostalgia (always a bad sign) has created myths out
> of something undeniably real. And the movies tend to feed on nostalgia.
not to mention that life is basically a search for meaning and is otherwise pretty boring on a day to day level. but when you're trying to stop Hitler and Tojo from enslaving the world and people are shooting at you, it solves both problems

John Lau

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