RARA-AVIS: Re:A longwinded question for Michael Connelly

From: blumenidiot ( blumenidiot@yahoo.com)
Date: 27 Mar 2008

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> I really don't think I have any plans to bring Bosch to Florida or
to come up with a new
> character that is located there. I didn't move there for the
creative environment so I find
> myself always thinking in terms of Los Angeles as a setting. But
having said that, I want to
> keep the series going for a while so I think I have maybe one of
those fish out of water
> stories. And I don't think I would choose Florida to place it. I
sort of planted a seed for this
> story when a few books back Harry's ex-wife and daughter moved to
Hong Kong. I went
> there to research a possible book and I will go back again. Whether
I end up writing it still
> remains to be seen. But the point is that if I do that one book
where Harry finds himself
> out of town and in unfamiliar territory, I want it to feel alien to
the reader, too, and Florida
> won't cut it.

I would have mentioned Viet Nam, but I thought I had written enough already.

BTW, my son traveled to Viet Nam about ten years ago and had no problems. He continued to travel in Laos and was met a farmer from Cambodia who urged him to urged to cross the border with him. My son wisely declined. I guess either of those countries would be unexplored territories for you to set a novel. Mark

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