RARA-AVIS: Re: Dick Powell

From: Paul Farrell ( pmf_nz@yahoo.co.nz)
Date: 26 Mar 2008

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Thornton" <tieresias@...> wrote:
> I just always pictured Robert Mitchum or John Payne as Marlowe.
Mitchum was terrific in FAREWELL MY LOVELY when he got around to playing him in the 70s, he was just too old by then. Imagine if he'd started playing Marlowe the same year he made OUT OF THE PAST.
> All the Best-
> Brian

Powell in MURDER, MY SWEET used to be my favourite screen Marlowe, but after re-watching both that movie and FAREWELL, MY LOVELY again, I find that I prefer Mitchum as Marlowe. Granted, it was a few decades late for him to match the character's age, but he's so right for the part that it doesn't matter.

The 1970s remake of THE BIG SLEEP is even worth watching for Mitchum's performance alone. There's a lot wrong with the movie (setting it in the UK in the 70s, for a start), but at least they had a good Marlowe.

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