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Date: 26 Mar 2008

--- "Mark R. Harris" <> wrote:

> I remember that scene and see what you're getting
> at, but let us remember
> that the standards for muscularity have changed
> appreciably over the years.
> Even the fitter Hollywood stars of that era look
> mostly unimpressive with
> their shirts off, as compared to the gym-buffed
> actors and male models of
> today. There wasn't the same emphasis on exaggerated
> pecs and six-pack abs,
> for example.
***************************************************** And steroids weren't available yet. Remember, most of the bankable physiques today use steroids. But even then, everyone knew what Charles Atlas looked like. He was on the back page of every comic book. Powell probably was in extraordinarily good shape. He was on the A list of dancing stars and his stamina was unbelievable. Nonetheless, his arms and chest do not cut an impressive figure in that scene. There is a urban myth that men, and not women, are attracted to the exaggerated body builder physique. That most women go for the Neil Armstrong type. Perhaps the director was running on that presumption.

Patrick King

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