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Date: 26 Mar 2008

I remember that scene and see what you're getting at, but let us remember that the standards for muscularity have changed appreciably over the years. Even the fitter Hollywood stars of that era look mostly unimpressive with their shirts off, as compared to the gym-buffed actors and male models of today. There wasn't the same emphasis on exaggerated pecs and six-pack abs, for example.


On 3/25/08, Simon Wood <> wrote:
> Juri,
> I thought I was the only one who thought this about that scene with
> Dick Powell. :-)
> As much as I like Cary Grant, I just never picture him as Marlowe.
> He's just too cleancut for me.
> Simon Wood
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> Nummelin"
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> >
> > Dick Powell is very good in MURDER, MY SWEET and is shabby in the
> right way,
> > but there's a scene in which he has only his undershirt on (and
> his slacks,
> > too) and a dame comes in and starts to tell Powell/Marlowe how
> great looking
> > he is, strong and all that. And Powell really has this quite big
> belly and
> > rather thin arms! Even I have more muscles than Dick Powell. It's
> a scene
> > that I'd cut away from the movie or build Powell some muscles with
> digital
> > effects.

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