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From: Patrick King (
Date: 25 Mar 2008

--- michaelconnelly187 <> wrote:
 I don't
> really know why Garland killed Marie Gesto. I just
> know that he did it. I think Harry Bosch
> views it the same way. I know there is a tradition
> in crime fiction that such things are
> known and loose ends get tied up, but the package is
> never tied with a bow in my books.
***************************************************** I hear you. As a reader I was hooked by that eerie first chapter going through Marie's car in that cramped garage. Along with Harry, I became very interested in what happened to her. Now I know that Anthony Garland killed her. But there's a whole underpinning of the story that's left me wondering. Just how corrupt is T. Rex Garland? What did his son have to say to him that would allow him to not only cover up the murder of a young woman, but excuse it if not condone it?

I do understand what you're saying. Of course we're reading a detective story here and it should not go on for 600 pages speculating about the motives of a spoiled sadist. The characters you create are so vital that to some extent it almost feels like non-fiction. Of course, non-fiction often ends like Andrew Cunanan where nothing is ever explained.

I enjoyed the book greatly and will be catching up on the rest of your work throughout this year. Thanks again for a terrific story.

Patrick King

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