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Date: 25 Mar 2008

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> I agree with you and that is certainly an option I have with Harry Bosch. I
> have planted
> many seeds about Harry in Vietnam, about Harry as a street cop during the
> Patty Hearst
> and SLA period, etc. I have gathered string on these times and events. I've
> done the
> research so that I could write the book. Its just a matter of getting to
> them. But having said
> all of that, I think the idea of writing in read time is such a gift. It
> gives me the power to
> reflect on what is happening in Los Angeles or our society at large almost
> as it is
> happening. I remember that my book City of Bones was published 7 months
> after 9/11
> and it had many references to it and its impact on the other side of the
> country and on the
> country as a whole. To me it made the book more than a mystery and an
> entertainment. It
> made it a little tiny mirror reflecting a little bit about what was going on
> in the world. And
> that is one of the reasons I have never stopped the forward progression of
> the series to go
> back in time. As I said in one of the other answers, the forward progression
> will hit its
> limits shortly and then there will be time to go back.

it occurs to me that you've laid groundwork to go back even further if you wish, with at least a stand alone featuring J, Michael Haller, celebrity attorney. that's not without precedent. Steven Hunter for one, created a separate series featuring Arkansas Dept. Earl Swagger, father of his sniper character Bob Lee Swagger

John Lau

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