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Date: 25 Mar 2008

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> > Alas, it captures none of the loopy
> > energy, linguistic ingenuity, or dumbass libido that distinguish Dan's
> > best stories.
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> wait a minute. libido is dumbass? you mean, dumbass GREAT

Dan Turner's libido looks to be a typical male libido, though it does manifest itself crudely in his descriptions of the object of desire. A pretty typical dude -- not politically correct, of course, but then he didn't have to be in his era. The strange thing is that Bellem's stories are still a lot of fun, they're more readable than a lot of the stuff published during those decades. You might say that they have aged the right way.

The literary heir to Bellem, Richard Prather, has similar characteristics, though his style was more urbane and less chaotic.



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