Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Gil Brewer's newest Stark House twofer (Part II)

Date: 22 Mar 2008

Mario wrote:

"But they all do it: Willeford, Thompson, Goodis, Woolrich... even William Campbell Gault in his marvellous noir _Death Out of Focus_. For some reason, a noir story allows for greater suspension of disbelief than other types of crime stories. The reader apparently cuts the author a lot of slack in exchange for a damn good yarn."

Of course, it's possible to push it too far. As much as I like Goodis, parts of Dark Passage are so ridiculous they completely pulled me out of the story, for instance, the cab driver who recognized the escaped conivict, assumed he had been framed AND just happened to know a a discrete plastic surgeon. Come on. Don't know why I went on to read another Goodis (probably wouldn't have if this hadn't been one of four in a Black Box anthology), but I'm very glad I did, as he's now one of my very favorites (even though some of the others also have some pretty bad coincidences, just not that bad).


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