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Date: 20 Mar 2008

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> I'd also like to welcome Michael Connelly to the list - it's an honour!
> We've met once, in Helsinki, Finland, and had a chance to chat for an hour
> or so about literature and hardboiled fiction. '
> I seem to remember we talked about your choice for the actor to play Bosch.
> You said your choice would be Donald Sutherland, am I right?

that's interesting. when I read Bosch, I always picture somebody who looks kinda like Michael Connelly. William Peterson seems to be a good fit and I believe he's narrated some of the books on tape

I don't do this with every author, but it's also not hard to see Robert Crais inhabiting Elvis Cole. Tim Daly would be a pretty good double

John Lau

John Lau

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