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Date: 18 Mar 2008

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> I've really enjoyed reading each of these installments, Jon,
> particularly your assessment of the last three Bosch books.
> I've always considered A Darkness More than Night to be one of the
> best in the series. It is definitely one that I was anticipating
> buying and reading right away when I learned about it and was not
> dissapointed.

we aim to please, although I will say that I wish that I had the luxury of time to go into more detail. the truth is, I've read every single one of Connelly's books exactly once each. I started in 2000, so read his first 8 books pretty much one right after the other that year. they were that good. the others I picked up when they came out, in hard cover if I was flush. in paper if I was having a bad year.
  all my impressions are based on my recollection of how I felt about each book when I finished it. in general, Connelly's books are difficult to put down, so I'd read them pretty quick. but sometimes my life circumstances would relegate my reading time to a chapter or two before turning out the light, sometimes skipping days. not the best way to appreciate a book. I'd like to go back and take a second look at the ones that impressed me least when I have the time and see how I feel about them. and also, if I feel a certain book is disappointing to me in any way, it is because the author has set a very, very high bar with me

Connelly has an excellent official website, which I used as a resource. I did pull a couple of the books off my shelf if I wanted to make specific points. I will also say that Google is my friend

John Lau

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