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Date: 17 Mar 2008

The original British-American, two writers with the same name problem came a little more than a century ago with the American novelist Winston Churchill (b.1871) and the British journalist-historian-MP Winston Churchill (b.1874). The American Churchill had several best selling novels (RICHARD CARVEL (1899) and THE CRISIS (1901))and was probably better known in the early 20th Century.

The two Churchills corresponded and the British Winston graciously volunteered to begin using his middle initial and subsequent books carried the byline Winston S. Churchill. It was all very amicable and the American Winston later sponsored a reception in Boston for the British Winston.

Richard Moore

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> From what I have read, it was not exactly done willingly. More that
> he gave in to the US Robin Cook who thought he had the right to use
> the name (I suppose he was the bigger cheese at the time) and
> apparently threatened legal action if our Cook continued to use it.
> He was Robert William Arthur Cook by the way.
> I do wonder what would have happened if he had continued to write
> use the name in the early 1970s, instead of stopping after his
> in the 1960s. I suppose he would have had a better prior claim then.
> Regards
> John
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> >
> > The Lange/Lange thing is not unique.
> >
> > Saw a book today by Michael Collins, but it wasn't Dennis Lynds
> writing
> > about Dan Fortune.
> >
> > Howard Browne wrote the Paul Pine books as John Evans; later
> was a
> > writer named Jonathan Evans (and a Paul Pines).
> >
> > Our Al Guthrie uses his entire first name, Allan, I guess to keep
> from
> > being confused with a pre-existing Al Guthrie.
> >
> > And when returning to writing, the British Robin Cook changed his
> name
> > to Derek Raymond to avoid being confused with the US one that had
> gotten
> > popular during his down time.
> >
> > Mark
> >

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