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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 16 Mar 2008

Thanks to Charles, Todd and David for their helpful comments about this atypical Bloch novel, and for the info about its genesis.
  As a matter of fact it was republished in France this month.
  E. Borgers

"David L. Wilson" <> : Star- Stalker was one of Bloch's favorite books but it was hard to place and the sales were marginal. It was going to be the first book in a trilogy on Hollywood, one of Bloch's favorite subjects. According to Bloch, it sold well in France and was much apreciated in France. It's original title was COLOSSAL. This one dealt with the silent days. The second book would have been GIGANTIC, about the early sound period until World War II. The third, STUPENDOUS, would have been about the coming of television and the decline of the studios. Only the first book was written.

According to Bloch: "I think it is an honest novel about Hollywood, an accurate novel about Hollywood -- and most of them aren't!"

David Laurence Wilson Downieville, CA

You can find my intro, "The Novel That Had to Wait", in the new Gil Brewer collection from Stark House.

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