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Date: 15 Mar 2008

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> > This, folks, it the kind of mischief only a man named both Mario
> > Jacques would get up to (knowing full well that it's the
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> I asked because I didn't know. I've never read Crichton and I don't
> know his career beyond seeing his name on bestseller lists... and I
> had never even heard of the "real" John Lange.

Ah, then forgive my teasing, please. "John Norman" has written a series of novels, initially bad imitations of ER Burroughs, that always had a certain amount of male-master-and-female-slave sexuality about them (the planet Gor is always on the other side of the Sun from Earth and much resembles it and apparently the sexual politics tends that way), with the later books being rather like tamer versions of THE STORY OF O, only with long, tedious arguments that attempt to justify the universal nature of such dynamics (I have skimmed several...they are good for bad laughs).

There is now a sort of international affiliation of Gor society wanna- bes, who got some press a few years back in the UK for their activities.

Todd Mason

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