RE: pseudonyms (wasRe: RARA-AVIS: Re: "Star-Stalker" by Robert Bloch)

Date: 14 Mar 2008

I asked:

"For example, why Richard Stark, but not Robert Kyle?"

Ron replied:

'If I read your question correctly, the writer behind the penname
"Richard Stark" is not Robert Kyle, but rather Donald Westlake. If I've misconstrued your question, my apologies."

No apology necessary, I was definitely unclear. I meant to ask: Why print Lemons Never Lie under the Stark pseudonym (because Westlake's still using it?), but change the the Robert Kyle pseudonym to Robert Terrall? And other pseudonymous books to Block, McBain etc? I'm guessing those were changed back because they'd sell more, but wouldn't Crichton also sell better than Lange? Or would that last be messing with a brandname?


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