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Date: 14 Mar 2008

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> > I'm not keen on the A.A. Fair titles. I don't think
> > Gardner was a
> > careful writer.
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> Said of Earl Stanley Gardner, this comment is a
> compliment.

Huh? One of the top hardboiled writers of the pulp era... and you call him worse than bad?

Gardener himself often said he never
> allowed logic to get in the way of entertaining a
> reader.

That's a great attitude in a pulpster. It was shared by all the great pulpsters, including Hammett. I mean, Couffignal isn't exactly credible, is it? How about Fly Paper or Dead Yellow Women? Or the work of the great Norbert Davis?

On the other hand, his work really does not
> hold up. His preposterous schemes for conning the
> police, DA, or the "real" killer never have a hitch. I
> often think each chapter should end with: Will Perry
> and Della make their childish stunt work? Read on!

The Perry Masons do come dangerously close to hackwork. But the AAFairs, at least all the ones I've read, are excellent pulp novels.



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