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From: blumenidiot (
Date: 07 Mar 2008

Even when the author says the main character of Double Indemnity is played by Jimmy Stewart? I don't think The Maltese Falcon is noir thematically either. Mark

--- Nathan Cain <> wrote:

> A while ago I posted about the forthcoming book Arts
> of Darkness by
> Thomas Hibbs.
> ( Amazon link:
> There is now an interview with Hibbs at the National
> Review Online, a
> publication for which he is a film reviewer. It's
> about film noir, and
> I realize film has been a controversial topic of
> late, but this is
> worth listening to. He's a pretty thoughtful guy.
> Topics include the
> definition of noir (really, it's the second question
> the interviewer
> asks. I'm gonna guess he's not a member of this
> list.), Marxist
> interpretations of the The Maltese Falcon, whether
> noir films have a
> special appeal to conservatives, the nexus between
> horror and noir.
> It's not a bad interview overall and it makes me
> want to read the
> book. Here's the interview.

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