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Date: 05 Mar 2008

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> The thing about Chandler that makes him unusual as a
> thriller writer is that Phillip Marlow, his idealized
> self, was so detached from his real self. You can
> clearly see Dashiel Hammett in Sam Spade, Nick
> Charles, and The Continental Op. In describing James
> Bonds physical characteristics, Ian Fleming was
> describing himself. But Raymond Chandler was, neither
> in stature, vocal inflection, nor athletic prowess,
> anything like Phillip Marlow. Chandler was a smart
> enough businessman to see what the public would
> respond to, and a good enough author to pull it off.

Definitely. It helped that he was brilliant at it... if you read Chandler's stories in a big pulp collection, they inevitably stand out, often head and shoulders above eveybody else. I don't think he despised the genre, though. From the way he practiced it, my guess is that he loved it.



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