RARA-AVIS: Re: deconstructing Hieronymus

From: Gerry Adams ( gerry@adams-pi.com)
Date: 03 Mar 2008

Although my reading of Connelly's works has been limited, my understanding of and connection with Hieronymus Bosch bears out the author's credence. Harry and I both started out similar carreers in 1972, walked away from the job several times, and preferred difficult cases.

Connelly likely has that overview of the era from examining cases during his crime journalist days, when modern criminal techniques and terminology were just beginning to form. Those were times between pounding the streets for leads then, and pounding a keyboard for similar results, now.

Harry is a character that knows how his job was done previuosly, with Quip machines and without DNA. Real knowhow. For his character to evolve into the 21st Century shows Harry has only one thing in mind, to solve his cases. Even if it means revisiting the old with the new, even his own old cases.

I enjoy the character.

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> born in 1956 and educated at the University of Florida, Michael
Connelly is a
> true rare bird: a best selling author who can actually write, his
> skillset honed as a crime journalist during the cocaine wars in
South Florida,
> where he along with 2 other reporters were nominated for a Pulitzer
for a piece
> they did on the survivors of a major plane crash. moving to the
crime desk at
> the Los Angeles Times, Connelly always knew he wanted to be a
> novelist


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