RARA-AVIS: Re: recent reads

From: Eric Chambers ( nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 02 Mar 2008

Currently reading,' The Blue Wall' by Kenneth Abel which is a N.Y. police thriller (think Wambaugh). Just finished 'Some Predators are Male' by Miles Trip. This stars his P.I. 'John Sampson' and concerns a client who thinks somebody is out to drive him mad. Lots of mind games in this one.Trip is a British writer who claims Simeon as a primary influence. (and that brings Belgium into this post). Previously, J.M. Calder's 'If God Sleeps'. J. M. Calder is actually a pseudonym of two writers, one based in New York and one in Australia. It was the first of a series starring police Detective Solomon Glass of the New York Police Department and his partner Malone.And yes, I do know who Abe Liebman and Hanrahan are. This was a hard book to read, in that the prose style slowed me down and forced me to read every word carefully. I'm not sure how that happens, but I spend more time on this book than I usually do on a book this length. This was a book in which everything was telegraphed, it was quite obvious what was going on. But then I came to the conclusion that the telegraphing was deliberate on the part of the writers since they were more concerned in the writing with fleshing out the main characters with the intention of starting a series on a solid basis. Or maybe it's just me and I've read too many books.It was well worth it. There's at least a second in the series and I will be looking for it. Also working my way (one by one as the mood suits me) through Ed Gorman's collection of Western Short Stories, 'The Long Ride Back.' Reed Farrel's 'Walking the Perfect Square' ( mentioned in this place recently) is in my 'to read' pile as are S.J. Rosan's 'Mandarin Plaid', Grenville Lovell's 'Love and Death in Brooklyn' and Wallace Stroby's 'The Barbed Wire Kiss' These last I found in a remainder bin on Friday. I'm not familiar with these 3 authors. Can anybody fill me in about them?

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