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From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 01 Mar 2008

It's more than a man killing his mistress that parallels An American Tragedy. It's the whole story of a poor boy who is trying to make something of himself, is getting use to the good life, poor girl gets pregnant, threatens to expose the affair to the wealthy family. Only the end is different because he is lucky. The point isn't the luck itself.


> --- Jeff Vorzimmer <> wrote:
> I think Theodore
>> Dreiser first wrote this
>> story in An American Tragedy in 1931, which has been
>> made into a movie no
>> fewer than four times, most notably, A Place in the
>> Sun starring Liz Taylor
>> and Montgomery Cliff.
> ******************************************************
> Yeah, but in AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY the cad is put to
> death. This guy walks, and goes on apparently to a
> rich, successful life. There is no justice or any
> chance of justice in this story. To under rate
> MATCHPOINT as just another 'man kills his mistress'
> story, is, I think, to completely miss it's point.
> Even if this guy becomes addicted to murder and goes
> on to commit another and is finally caught, there'll
> never be closure for Scarlet Johansson because an
> unsuspecting loser is caught dead with her ring so the
> case is closed. I still think it's a very original and
> cynical twist on a set of circumstances as old as
> humans. In Dreiser's day there were bad guys. Today,
> the wealthy can spin their behavior and make it look
> like self defense. This character's crimes are
> reprehensible, two women dead, and even his conscience
> isn't stirred.
> Patrick King

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