RARA-AVIS: My favorite Woolrich post from the month

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 29 Feb 2008

This goes back much earlier in the month but William Ahearn captures quite well in this post some of my own feelings about Woolrich. For that reason I want to surface it again as we end the month. I hope a little later to do a final post drawing from Michael Avallone's first- hand account of Woolrich's funeral as published in the Mystery Writers of America's The Third Degree.

Richard Moore

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> > Of course many of these endings fly in the face of
> > logic or
> > believability, but usually the ending is so clever
> > you don't care.
> >
> Being a Cornell Woolrich fan is like having a friend
> who comes to the party, gets drunk, eats spaghetti
> with his fingers, hits on every warm body and breaks a
> lamp before collapsing into a coma on the sofa on top
> of everybody's coats.
> Yet, there's a deep and undeniable connection and you
> know your life would be less without the guy. Woolrich
> does things in his writing that would be a wall-banger
> in any other writer's hands. When the guy is paying
> attention, he produces some brilliant and ambitious
> work (Waltz into Darkness, for one) and that's what
> makes wandering through his faulty work worthwhile.
> My favorite "Woolrich was there first" moment came at
> the end of Jean Luc Godard's Detective. An off-hand
> explanation at the end of a long and rambling film.
> The explanation came from a Woolrich story -- although
> as you point out, he may not have been the originator
> -- and while it was a revelation in the story, it was
> almost a disappointment to the character in the film.
> Nice trick to play on an old trick.
> William
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