RARA-AVIS: New Harry Whittington...

From: Ron Clinton ( clinton65@comcast.net)
Date: 26 Feb 2008

Maybe I was just behind the curve on this one, but just in case others were unaware:

With recent talk of SIN PIT, I went to Gryphon Book's website and saw that they have four new Harry Whittington reprints:

1). One Got Away by Harry Whittington, he could get the girl, or the money! Out now, $16. + postage.

2). Married To Murder by Harry Whittington, she had a way with men, of leading them to the grave! Out now, $16. + postage.

3). Satan's Widow by Harry Whittington, there was invitation in her glance, but murder in her heart! Out now, $16. + postage.

4). Vengeful Sinner by Harry Whittington, she used her body to catch a killer! Out now, $16. + postage.

I ended up getting all four, along with Meskil's SIN PIT:

5). Sin Pit by Paul S. Meskil, incredible hard-boiled cop and crime Noir by a master, new edition, reprints rare Lion Book from 1950s, intro by Gary Lovisi, new Afterword by the author, as new, trade paperback, $16.00 + postage.

Looks like some good reading ahead.

Ron C.

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