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Date: 25 Feb 2008

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> > "The Fallen" by T. Jefferson Parker - the first
> thing I've read by
> > this popular writer.  Entertaining and I think
> intelligent.  The
> > protagonist's "synesthesia" is an odd gimmick. 
> I'll probably try more
> > of Parker's stuff.
> >
> I've just started this one last night. I've read
> them all. of the recent,
> his last, CALIFORNIA GIRL is great. SILENT JOE as
> well. he's been at it
> awhile, just published his 14th book- L.A. OUTLAWS
> he's from the Ross McDonald school of generational
> crime. his first, LAGUNA
> HEAT is fairly typical of what he does. made a big
> impression on me when I
> first read it back in the day. his next two,
> are equally strong, which is impressive in its own
> right considering they're
> pretty similar. (like I said, Ross McD school)
> John Lau

I've read all his books through THE FALLEN. I thought SILENT JOE and CALIFORNIA GIRLS especially good. . Since I believe both won Edgars I guess I'm not unique. I never heard his being of the Ross McDonald school. Most don't have recurring protagonists and most of their protagonists belong to some police force in Orange County or San Diego. I don't remember any Ross McMcDonald protagonist not being a private detective even in his early work. I do know the first McDonald protagonists had personal reasons to investigate something. Then came Archer.

 Also, most of McD's detectives gained their information through interviews while most Parker's gain a lot from advanced investigative techniques. Both authors' protagonists do find that their cases necessitate the plumbing of what happened long in the past, but I think that is fairly common.

It has been suggested that Parker would be a good author of the month. I agree. Mark
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