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Date: 25 Feb 2008

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> Oh? Let's see, Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) either quit
> or
> was fired from Marnie because he didn't think that
> rape was an acceptable method of marital behavior
> modification. Yet, Hitchcock did and insisted on the
> scene to torment Tipi Hendren who had -- as they
> said
> in the day -- spurned Hitchcock's advances.
****************************************************** Are you saying that gossip and dish impacts your opinion of art itself? Who cares? People do get raped in marriage, but that's hardly the point. In 1966, the Catholic Church still maintained that there is no rape in marriage. Again, beside the point. Is the film powerful and impacting? Does it make you consider why people turn to crime? Do you empathize with Marnie? Do you want her to go to prison? Would you do what Mark does if you were in his shoes? This is probably Hichcock's most complex and compelling relationship in any of his films. It is certainly Connery's best film if not his best performance (A FINE MADNESS, THE UNTOUCHABLES). I don't care whether Hitchcock was a good guy or not, any more than I have to admire Piccasso's lifestyle, or Paul McCartney's. The work stands by itself and it speaks for itself. I don't care if it's produced by a mass murderer, if its great work, I'll acknowledge it. I couldn't care less what actresses say about directors.

Patrick King

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