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From: Fabienne soldini (
Date: 25 Feb 2008

In France there is no anymosity about Belgium. Just stupid jokes! But it's not recent. And two of favourite French singers are Belgium: Janques Brel and Johnny Halliday.

kerkhoc <> a 飲it :
          Dear Dave,

>In 2 of these movies characters made comments about how they hate
Belgium. A question for the European members of the groups--is their some sort of animosity brewing among other European countries these days against Belgium?<

I am not sure but I could imagine that there are some confusions because of the dispute between Flemings and Walloons. For further information please click the following link:,8599,1570141,00.html The head line of the article is Belgium's "War of the Worlds".

Another hard chapter is the case of the Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux who has been found "guilty of abduction, rape and murder". There are a lot of open questions concerning the involvment of other persons (international network?) and the number of legal and procedural errors during the investigation.

For further information please click the following links:



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