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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 24 Feb 2008

--- Patrick King <> wrote:

> You're weird, William! Needless to say, I completely
> disagree with you. MARNIE is not a generalization
> about all women. It is a very specific story about a
> specific psychological reaction to events, and for
> mainstream film making, it was groundbreaking in its
> day (1966). In my opinion it's Hitchcock's most
> under-rated film. Wonderfully cast even in
> supporting
> roles.
Oh? Let's see, Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) either quit or was fired from Marnie because he didn't think that rape was an acceptable method of marital behavior modification. Yet, Hitchcock did and insisted on the scene to torment Tipi Hendren who had -- as they said in the day -- spurned Hitchcock's advances. On some days -- according to people who have written histories of the film -- Hitchcock didn't even show up for scenes with Hendren to show his contempt for her. One could make the case that the film was about Hitchcock and Hendron. Ground-breaking? Like that idiotic fox hunting scene? Get a grip. For a fox hunting scene see Hitchcock's The Farmer's Wife. That's cinema. And those dreadful paintings and rear-projections? It seems you like flat characters floating through fake scenery and posturing all sorts of importance. That's what you get in Marnie and that's what you get with Woody Allen.


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