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From: Patrick King (
Date: 24 Feb 2008

--- wrote:
> Match Point isn't noir in the Doherty definition.
> it isn't dark and
> sinister in its presentation. it isn't
> atmospheric. it's noir in the Bludis
> sense. it's a very dark story that has a very dark
> ending
> Jonathan Rhys-Myers does a great job as the social
> climbing protagonist. he
> literally vibrates with claustrophobia as he tries
> to pretend that nothing
> happened
> and again, if that ending isn't noir, then nothing
> is
> John Lau
***************************************************** John, the subtlety of the film is the way it plays with light and dark in much the same way Hitchcock did in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Note that Rhys-Myers and Johansson trist first in the pouring rain. And the difference in the light in her apartment and in Rhys-Myers' home.

Patrick King

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