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From: Patrick King (
Date: 24 Feb 2008

--- Dick Lochte <> wrote:

> Hardboiled? Soft-boiled? Parboiled? I suppose it's
> in the mind of the
> reader. But I think some (not all) of Francis'
> novels are filled with too
> much sadistic violence and detailed torture, too
> many depressed heroes with
> wives or relatives dying of cancer or living in iron
> lungs, too many animal
> mutilations, too many truly sociopathic villains to
> be put in the
> Christie-Queen-Stout category. And if the Sid Halley
> novels aren't
> hardboiled, with the hapless jockey-turned-private
> detective getting more of
> his destroyed hand lopped off in each, then I'd be
> hard-pressed to come up
> with a book that is.
***************************************************** I'm not saying he's not good, Dick, I'm just saying from my opinion, I wouldn't call his work 'hard boiled.' Topically, he has more in common with Ellery Queen than he does with Chandler or Spillane. His plots are generally better than Queen's by a long shot, though, and for the most part, better than Spillane's, too. Francis has a ways to go in several directions before he's in Chandler's league, however.

Patrick King

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