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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 24 Feb 2008

I love the ³....Hardboiled? Soft-boiled? Parboiled?.... ³ and I have looked for and seen many other combinations... that vein and to help the overall wit-level on rara I strongly recommend the following website:

...where I found this highly relevant strip...given some of the recent
³woody² controversies...



On 2/24/08 11:44 AM, "Kevin Burton Smith" <> wrote:

> Dick wrote:
>> > Hardboiled? Soft-boiled? Parboiled? I suppose it's in the mind of the
>> > reader. But I think some (not all) of Francis' novels are filled
>> > with too
>> > much sadistic violence and detailed torture, too many depressed
>> > heroes with
>> > wives or relatives dying of cancer or living in iron lungs, too many
>> > animal
>> > mutilations, too many truly sociopathic villains to be put in the
>> > Christie-Queen-Stout category. And if the Sid Halley novels aren't
>> > hardboiled, with the hapless jockey-turned-private detective getting
>> > more of
>> > his destroyed hand lopped off in each, then I'd be hard-pressed to
>> > come up
>> > with a book that is.

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