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Date: 24 Feb 2008

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> I just read the critique from Guardian,
> UK〓s Peter Bradshaw and he finishes like this: 〓Match Point has some
> interesting moments and a clever twist at the end on the theme of chance and
> fate. However, as Allen's next movie is reportedly also going to be set in
> the UK, he really is going to have to learn to speak British at something
> better than tourist level〓....Hmmm...not very engaging ...even less engaging
> is a thorough review

I had no idea. well then, if they think it sucks, it must be true. by all means don't see it. let them form your opinions for you

Match Point isn't noir in the Doherty definition. it isn't dark and sinister in its presentation. it isn't atmospheric. it's noir in the Bludis sense. it's a very dark story that has a very dark ending

Jonathan Rhys-Myers does a great job as the social climbing protagonist. he literally vibrates with claustrophobia as he tries to pretend that nothing happened

and again, if that ending isn't noir, then nothing is

John Lau

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