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Date: 23 Feb 2008

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Mrt wrote:
> Do you think prudishness is the reason why some Allen films don't
> appeal to US audiences? I find that hard to believe. And I thought
> Joffe was still on board... I may be wrong on that. My take on Allen
> is that he has distilled his themes considerably, that the scripts are
> almost uniformly terrific, and that the stylized world of Allen makes
> fewer and fewer concessions to the taste of the general US public. If
> you put aside some of the irony, his films have become deeply
> pessimistic. That's my explanation, anyway.
 Mrt, Consider how Ingrid Bergman and Charlie Chaplin were treated because of their indiscretions. I think the American public recoiled from his action toward Mia and his marrying a girl at least half his age who had been associated with while playing the role of her father. It's ok in a movie like Gigi or Sabrina but this was highly publicized and real life.

I agree most of his films have gotten darker, but I don't think that's the primary reason he was forced to get his financing from Europe. In the past he was able to survive films like Interiors, but now he can't even though he made light films like Curse of the Jade Scorpion fairly recently. Granted most weren't very good, but I think what I wrote is the fundamental reason he has had to leave the US. Mark

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