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Date: 23 Feb 2008

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> Do you think prudishness is the reason why some Allen films don't
> appeal to US audiences? I find that hard to believe. And I thought
> Joffe was still on board... I may be wrong on that. My take on Allen
> is that he has distilled his themes considerably, that the scripts are
> almost uniformly terrific, and that the stylized world of Allen makes
> fewer and fewer concessions to the taste of the general US public. If
> you put aside some of the irony, his films have become deeply
> pessimistic. That's my explanation, anyway.

I think his biggest problem is that as he's aged, his comedies have become forced. and what used to work for him, sad sack pining after an unattainable girl, comes across as pathetic at his age

gee, I sound like a prude, don't I

what I did think was brilliant however was DECONSTRUCTING HARRY. seemed like a real honest look at himself

John Lau

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