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Date: 23 Feb 2008

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> So we admire Allen because he's an idiot-savant? If
> Sidney Lumet made Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
> for money and the Coen Brothers made No Country For
> Old Men to expend their ever-widening influence on the
> culture, then they're back alley whores selling their
> souls for trinkets while Woody Allen is an auteur for
> cranking out self-indulgent, neurotic drivel because
> of the art of it all? Is that what's got you down,
> bunkie?  Hell, what do you think came out of Hollywood
> for all these years? Your question is framed unfairly.
> I think the age of the American director is long gone.
> Since Lumet is obviously a paid bitch of corporate
> interests, let's take the Coen Brothers. And frankly,
> I'm not big fan of them either. But how can you
> dismiss them for doing quirky, off-beat flicks? You
> may find intelligence in his name-dropping copy but I
> don't.

excellent points. but tone, William. tone. we're in a library

John Lau

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