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From: Patrick King (
Date: 23 Feb 2008

The Hot Kid is also historical, depression era oil millionaires, bank robbers and law men. Personally, I loved it. I thought Mr. Paradise was pretty on target, too. It's what Leonard does, describe realistic crime as it happens. Most criminals are not really bright guys. They have stupid dreams of immediate gratification. The smart and crazy ones are forced, due to a shortage of man power, to work with stupid, common criminals. That's what Leonard's stories are all about. Even brilliant, white collar criminals and crime bosses are undermined by the idiots in the industry. That's what Mr. Paradise describes for us. These are people who make 15 seconds of shame on America's Most Wanted.

Patrick King

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> >
> > You didn't find Be Cool, Pagen Babies, Tishomingo
> > Blues, The Hot Kid, or Mr. Paradise "rivetting"?
> >
> > If that's the case, I'd say you're pretty hard to
> > please. Who do you like?
> >
> Igound Mr. Paradise weak. A lot of great lines
> dressing up a very
> flimsy plot. Same with Tishomingo Blues. I did like
> Be Cool and I
> haven't read the Hot Kid. I loved Cuba Libre,
> though, a terrific
> historical novel, a funny and exciting picaresque.
> Best,
> mrt

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