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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 23 Feb 2008

--- Patrick King <> wrote:

> Okay, if I'm over the top, who do YOU think is a
> "serious" living US mainstream director? Outside of
> Allen, I can't think of one. The rest make films for
> money. Allen makes money despite the intelligence of
> his films.
So we admire Allen because he's an idiot-savant? If Sidney Lumet made Before The Devil Knows You're Dead for money and the Coen Brothers made No Country For Old Men to expend their ever-widening influence on the culture, then they're back alley whores selling their souls for trinkets while Woody Allen is an auteur for cranking out self-indulgent, neurotic drivel because of the art of it all? Is that what's got you down, bunkie? Hell, what do you think came out of Hollywood for all these years? Your question is framed unfairly. I think the age of the American director is long gone. Since Lumet is obviously a paid bitch of corporate interests, let's take the Coen Brothers. And frankly, I'm not big fan of them either. But how can you dismiss them for doing quirky, off-beat flicks? You may find intelligence in his name-dropping copy but I don't.


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