RARA-AVIS: Re:Noir Sports

From: Shannon Clute ( clute@noircast.net)
Date: 23 Feb 2008

Thanks, Kent, for the list of sports noir novels. I would add SQUEEZE PLAY. It was published in 1982, under the pseudonym Paul Benjamin. The actual author is Paul Auster, and SQUEEZE PLAY shows how well he writes straight-up, hard-boiled detective fiction when he isn't penning deeply metaphysical mysteries like those in THE NEW YORK TRILOGY (which I love, but many on this list have mentioned they find too experimental). Here's the jacket blurb: "Former baseball star George Chapman didn't want sensational publicity muddying the waters of his dive into politics. So when attempted murder threatened to turn his plunge into a dead man's float, he didn't go to the cops. He went to Max Klein, a tough New York shamus who delivers wisecracks as fast as his one-two punch. With the bases loaded, a grand-slam secret from Chapman's past soon has Klein playing hardball with the big boys...in a deadly game in which the final score is revenge and murder." It's a really fun read.

  Thanks again for the many titles.

Shannon Clute www.noircast.net

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