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From: Fabienne soldini (
Date: 23 Feb 2008

Yes, you're right. I've made a confusion between Johnny To and Ringo Lam. And, youu're also right "Reservoir dogs" is not strictly a remake of "City on fire" but it inspired a lot Tarantino,who told he loves that movie and makes it known in Occident and who loves Asian movies (look "Kill Bill") in general.
  "Sonatine" is also a very good noir movie. Kitano treats about sport in his movies : surfing in "a sceane at the sea" (international title) and boxe with "Kids return" (international title). The boths are very beautiful. "Kid returns" is a noir movie, not "a sceane at the sea".
  Fabienne a 飲it :
          Fabienne wrote:

""Reservoir dogs" by Tarantino, movie and filmaker i like very much, is an adaptation ok a movie by Johnny To, for instance."

Although not strictly a remake (draws from other movies, too, including Killing and Le Doulous, for example), I think you mean RD is a remake of City on Fire, by Ringo Lam. Most of To's work is postRD.

And I strongly second your recommendation of Takeshi Kitano, Sonatine along with the one you mention. And his Boiling Point involves baseball, to tie it in to the sports discussion.



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