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Date: 23 Feb 2008

I'm french but I don't like Truffaut movies, except "the bride wore blanck" and "Vivement dimanche", because they tryed to be noir movies. But Truffaut films are essentialy sentimental movies, love stories, things like that. I'm not interesting by love stories; i really do love Noir, hard-boled, crime stories. And fron the French new wave, i think that Claude Chabrol is more interesting.
  Woody Allen is very loved in France. he gets a lot of fans. I liked his first movies, which are not crime stories but very funny movies. I liked a lot "Mysterious murders of Manhattan", but after that one all the movies he made are easly made. He works like a factory: one year one movie. But it's not with just a good idea you can make a good movie, even you are Woody Allen. Now, I stop to see his movies: to much desapointed.
  To answer to the question about favorite crime stories between the 30' to 60', perhaps Black Alibi by Woolrich (and also "Rendez-vous in Black") and, the Fench title (I'm sorry, I dont know the original!) "la reine des pommes" by Chester Himes wich was adapted for the cinema, named "Rage in Harlem" with Forrrest Witaker.
  Some filmaker I love is Takeshi Kitano. In my opinion "Hana-bi" is one of the strongest, cleverest, most beautifull movies I've ever seen. Japanese and Chinese noir movies are very good. they inspired a lot of american filmmakers: "Reservoir dogs" by Tarantino, movie and filmaker i like very much, is an adaptation ok a movie by Johnny To, for instance.
   William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
--- jacquesdebierue <> wrote:

>Given that I see
> Truffaut's work as a
> continuum, I have to judge it great, just like
> Allen's or Bergman's
> work. A total auteur.
As in making the same movie over and over again? I'm not a great fan of Bergman but I recognize an intelligence at work that I don't appreciate as much as others. As much as I don't like Truffaut, putting him on a par with Woody Allen is insulting in the extreme. Woody Allen is a fluffy joke, a charlatan, a poser and a fraud. And that has nothing to do with his personal life as I really like much of Roman Polanski's work so let's not go there. Woody Allen, to me, is like imitation banana flavoring: tinny, sickly sweet, and nothing like the real thing.


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