Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Phantom Lady / Bride [was: Woolrich recommendations? ]

From: Patrick King (
Date: 22 Feb 2008

--- William Ahearn <> wrote: Woody Allen is a fluffy joke, a charlatan,
> a
> poser and a fraud. And that has nothing to do with
> his
> personal life as I really like much of Roman
> Polanski's work so let's not go there. Woody Allen,
> to
> me, is like imitation banana flavoring: tinny,
> sickly
***************************************************** I'm going to take a wild stab here, William, and guess that you are one of the people who saw TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, so didn't bother to see BANANAS. You certainly haven't seen HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, or MATCHPOINT. Woody Allen is the only reason to take mainstream US films seriously at all.

Patrick King

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