Re: RARA-AVIS: Golly Gee! Emoticons! (Was: Forum Format)

Date: 22 Feb 2008

Kevin wrote:
> The obvious example is TV news. They have graphs, pie
> charts, flying pie charts, maps, sky cams, magic pointers, etc.,
> etc... and yet they're actually telling us less and less.

Whoa. I got hit in the face once by a flying pie chart.

In fairness to Mark, while I favour continuing to use the old habits I already have, there's considerable evidence that newer technologies and skills like manipulating emoticons do get picked up for their own sakes, or sometimes just so the old farts won't know what you're up to. If expanding the reach of the list to a bigger, and probably younger demographic is deemed worthy, changing the medium might be one way to go about it.

Or we could just carry blythly on in our own, increasingly irrelevant world. That's my preference. I like the idea of technology fragmenting communications, communities of interest spiralling out into hyperspace until the next big bang when the centre entirely loses its grip.

Wishing us all a delightfully dark and even more chaotic future, Kerry

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