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Date: 22 Feb 2008

The idea that its the story and not the conclusion that really matters made think about why I think it is important to understand Marshall's logic (or more precisely the lack of it) in FRIGHT. I may or may not have mentioned that I am in the process of reading FRIGHT at present. Since I have not finished the book yet I am working essentially with the same information at Marshall's disposal. I wonder if this makes it easier for me to see things from Marshall's perspective or at least better understand why he makes what are ultimately the worst decisions.
  If so, when I finish the book I may very well see things very differently than I do now. Perhaps this is as good an indication as any that Woolrich's story, at least in the case of FRIGHT, is more about what can be learned along the way than what the final outcome itself can tell us.

Just a thought

Best, Harry

Quoting William Ahearn <>:

> Last night I finally got around to starting Fright and
> I'm just loving Woolrich's New York City (as I did
> with Manhattan Love Song) and how it ends is not the
> point of reading him, so I agree with you.
> William
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