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From: Christina Paul (
Date: 20 Feb 2008

Several of you have praised the film adaptation of The Phantom Lady. May I ask (enviously) where people are viewing this film? Archival theaters? Noir film festivals? As far as I can tell, the film was never released in VHS or DVD format.
  I finally did get my hands on a (VHS) copy of Truffaut's The Bride Wore Black. Generally I find myself frustrated with film adaptations of novels (characters, for example, often seem to lose their layers and become less interesting), but I loved Truffaut's ending.

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The Bride Wore Black is the only one of his novels I've read. And Ienjoyed it quite a bit. Haven't read The Phantom Lady, but enjoyed themovie very much, especially Elisha Cook Jr's deranged drum solo.Mark

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