RARA-AVIS: Block's Beatsploitation Novel

From: Jeff Vorzimmer ( jvorzimmer@austin.rr.com)
Date: 20 Feb 2008

Just finished Block's beatsploitation novel, A Diet of Treacle. It kind of drags for the first 2/3s even if you dig the whole beat scene of the Village of 1961. More authentic than most I've read and I've read a couple others lately--Epitaph for a Dead Beat and The Venetian Blonde. I know Block hung with the Greenwich Village crowd then, so he was probably very familiar with the dope dealers that hung on the fringes.

On a humorous note . . . one of the beatniks reads a book called A Sound of Distant Drums by James Blue. I guess Block included his trademark so that the "in" crowd would know he was Sheldon Lord. I think the original title
"Pads Are for Passion" didn't do it justice.


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