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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 20 Feb 2008

I know it¹s not books but here are a few very exemplary noir/harbld/crime stories items (films) to think about, and some of them come from books or original stories...

Horse Racing: The Killing (Kubrick-56), The Grifters (Stephen Frears-90), The Heist (Stuart Orme-89 from W. Irish story)...

Gambling: All Godfathers of course, The Gambler (Karoly Makk-97), The Grifters (see above), the remarkable Bad Lieutenant (Abel Ferrara-92), M鬯die en sous-sol (Verneuil-63)

That¹s the first ones that come to mind....some of them are more crime than noir of course....but all those are worth a look...and some are Œrequired¹!


On 2/20/08 8:14 AM, "Juri Nummelin" <> wrote:

> Jason Starr's several novels are about horse racing, especially the
> wonderful FAKE I.D., in which the main character, a two-bit loser, tries to
> set up a syndicate for a racing horse. But Starr focuses mainly on betting
> and gambling.
> Bob McKnight wrote several paperback originals about horse racing in the
> late fifties. I haven't read them, though.
> As for rugby, I can't think of any examples.
> Juri

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