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From: Fabienne soldini (
Date: 20 Feb 2008

Los Olvidados is a cruel movie, hard, but not so hard and violent than Pixote and the City of God. It happens in Mexico. When I saw City of god I automatically thougt about Pixote. Bit I also thought about an South-African movie "Hight-jacking" (I can't remember the exact title); It's not exactlly the same kind of film but it's about the dream of crime of boys from Soweto, I think, who does Car-jacking, a form of delminquence very commun in South-Africa.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
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> And Luis Buñuel's _Los olvidados_ is a worthy
> precedent... though
> Pixote is absolutely shocking, all the more so
> because it is so realistic.
I thought about Pixote while I was watching City of God and how Fernando Ramos Da Silva the "star" of Pixote was murdered less than 10 years after making the film and returning to his criminal life. And while I agree with you about the content, City of God is so unself-consciously presented that the way the film is done is part of its power. Haven't seen the Buenuel film yet but I just reserved it at the library.


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