Re: RE : RARA-AVIS: Great crime film

Date: 19 Feb 2008

I wrote:

"One thing (of many, great film) that struck me is how its story, even presentation, overlap a number of genre films (particularly blaxploitation and The Harder They Come), but use it to such a distinctive, individual end. I'm not big on the idea of "transcending genre," but this film is a great example of how genre and high art can co-exist."

And WIlliam very legitimately asked (ironic, since I recently complained about exactly this lack of clear subject):

"Just to be clear, is that in reference to City of God?"

Oops, I meant to mention the title. Yes, City of God. After watching it, I kept thinking of its similarities with The Harder They Come, Black Caesar and various other gangster films, blaxploitation and otherwise, but how much better City of God was than any of them (some of which I like a lot). I think part of it is because of the POV character who is on the outside (and trying to stay there), and the masterful degree zero filmmaking that placed you in the scene and never called attention to itself. As William noted, the filmmakers never got in the way of, never brought you out of the film.


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