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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 19 Feb 2008

City of God is not very far (subject/style...) from the famous Pixote (A lei do mas fraco) from Hector Babenco (81)...very much worth seeing too...


On 2/19/08 10:54 AM, "Fabienne soldini" <> wrote:

> Do you writng about the bresilian movie? It's a very interresting and very
> strong movie about the gang of boys in favelas. An realistic and hard film.
> Not only a crime movie but also a social movie describing hard conditions of
> life for very poor people, the struggle for the power...
> Best
> Fabienne
> William Ahearn < <> > a
> 飲it :
> Hey,
> Hate to interrupt all the forum chat with a post about
> a great crime flick, but what the hell.
> Just saw City of God. It was one of those films that
> generated a lot of chatter when it came out and I
> always put off seeing hyped films until all the
> brouhaha died down. Then I guess I forgot about it
> while I was catching up on other things.
> See this flick. It is an incredible film no matter
> what genre and it may be one of the best crime films
> I've ever seen. A really astounding piece of work.
> William

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